April 30, 2016
geoPulseBanner Share your exact location through text – for safety or for fun – to your customized list of contacts. geoPulse is a unique location sharing application that provides the user with a feeling of safety and comfort while offering a way to connect and share location information with family and friends. • Useful in Emergency & Casual situations • Tight integration with Google Maps to ensure up to date & accurate maps • Highly accurate GPS when location services are turned on • Never compromise on safety – when Panic mode is activated, trusted contacts receive an SMS with your location and can provide immediate help if needed • Automated SMS alert updates –set your time intervals, turn panic mode on and the app does the rest • Your location is only shared when YOU want it to be • Share the world around you in privacy with close friends and family Panic Usage: Automatically alert your list of pre-selected emergency contacts of your location at a set time interval. How it works: • Select emergency contacts that will receive texts when you activate Panic Mode • Create custom alert message • Set time interval between Panic Mode texts (ex: every 15 mins) • After activating Panic Mode, the app sends texts to contacts at your selected time interval with alert message and your most recent location Example Scenarios Going on a road trip to visit a friend? Automatically alert your friend of your location so you don’t have to text while driving Going on a Tinder date? Why not periodically alert close friends & family of location. You can never be too careful when meeting a stranger Taking care of a family member(s) with Dementia or Alzheimer’s? Have them turn on panic mode when out and about and feel at ease knowing where they are and rescue them if needed Using a shared ride? Alert a contact of the start of the ride and how long it will take to get to your destination in case anything goes wrong Worried that someone may be following you? Turn on Panic Mode so that your selected contacts can closely monitor and make sure you arrive at your destination safely Casual Usage: Broadcast your exact location to specified contacts or custom contact groups. Save locations and interesting spots you find. How it works: • Create multiple contact groups • Save locations to app notepad for quick recall • Broadcast your location to contact groups with custom message Example Scenarios: Meeting people in a park, event, or “downtown?” Send your exact location to the rest of the group when you decide on the exact location. Stumble across a local event or restaurant – share location with your friends group. Friends can view the location from text and get directions to your location Discover a hidden gem in your city or on vacation! Save that location for quick recall and share it with friends There are an endless number of scenarios where this app can be used. As the User, you define how the app will be used Check it out on Google Play! Get it on Google Play Privacy Policy:
  • This application does not share sensitive user data with any third parties, nor directly collect and store any user data
  • Google Play Games is used for score keeping and user ranking only
  • This app may contain ads that link to third party websites or app downloads, but content is approved by Google suitable for general audiences with parental guidance (Teen & Mature Audience ads are blocked)